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Paraben Certified Forensic Examiner

Become proficient in using Paraben's P2 Commander in your forensic examinations. Designed for forensic examiners who have had fundamental training on digital forensics, Paraben's Certified Forensic Examiner (PCFE) combines live as well as online training for Paraben users to become certified examiners in Paraben's hard drive analysis tools. PCFE examiners will learn how to use P2 Commander to get the most out of the tool during forensic exams.

Learn how to harness the power of P2 Commander...
  • Forensic Exams: Complete an entire computer forensic exam from acquisition to report
  • Fundamentals: Learn fundamentals, device data structure, and data validation
  • Specialized Exams: Perform focused exams on email, internet cache, chat logs, and more
  • Validation: Use P2 Commander to validate the results of other tools
  • Deleted Data Recovery: From automated file recovery to manual data carving

PCFE Courses
  • P2 Commander Video Training - This is a free electronic course to any licensed user of P2 Commander. This DVD course covers the P2 Commander features and interface and will walk students through performing an examination from start to finish.
  • P2 Commander Fast Track - This course goes into more advanced features and analysis within P2 Commander. Go beyond the automated parsing and basic searching and dig deeper into your investigation including how to examine memory dumps, Linux systems, Mac systems, and much more.

Want to become PCFE Certified?

The Certification fee is only $395.00 U.S. and $195.00 to renew every four years.

To start the process and view requirements CLICK HERE.

Register for your PCFE certification by emailing or calling 703-595-2978.

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