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Paraben Mobile Level 3 Training

This electronically delivered course is designed to introduce participants to basic cellular and GPS concepts as it relates to transmission location. From signal analysis to GPS data analysis, this course is the final course for becoming PCME certified. Many handheld devices hold GPS data information and GPS data that can be attained from providers. Learn how to get this data and to plot it out using mapping software. Don't let this valuable type of evidence slip through your fingers. Learn how to get the most out of your mobile evidence.

This course is an electronic only course and is the final course in the PCME process.

Advanced GPS & signal analysis forensics...
Course Objectives
Once the courses are completed the students will be able to:
  • Demonstrate techniques for analyzing information in Call Detail Records
  • Acquire GPS Devices
  • Analysis GPS related data
  • Perform analysis associated with network tracking
Tools used in class:
  • Parabenís Device Seizure
  • Paraben's Link2
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Streets & Trips
Students must have access to the above tools to be able to complete the practical assignments associated with the electronic course.

Software will be used to analyze Call Detail Records from various vendors and GPS data obtained from a variety of devices. The focus will be on graphical and summary statistics that could be used in court and the preparation and presentation of tracking data. Participants will work to analyze several real-world practical examples.

The analytical techniques presented in this course might be used to prove where a suspect was at the time a crime was committed, confirm an alibi, or even settle a civil case. The theory behind each concept will be presented. However, the emphasis will be on sound, practical analysis.

To request a complete course outline please e-mail

The course is designed for electronic delivery and will take between 10-16 hours to complete. At the end of this course you will be tested through written examination on techniques as well as practical examinations throughout class to go towards becoming PCME certified.

Other Class Details:
  • Electronic Delivery
  • $295.00 U.S.
  • Equipment Included in course:
    • Paraben Link2 Software
    • Microsoft Excel
  • Final Step for PCME Certification
Students will receive a packet for the course that contains 3 DVDs. One DVD is the video training content and the other two contain the practical examinations. Once you complete the video course and examinations, you will need to return your finished practicals and examinations to Paraben for grading.

Purchasing Options
  • $295.00: Includes video DVDs
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Mobile Level 3 Training
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